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Hiatus! February 23, 2009

Filed under: About This,Courtney — noisyhope @ 4:54 pm

We’re not going away for ever.  We’re taking a break.

If you want to get painfully Zach Braff about it, we’re putting on an ellipsis.

For serious now, Michelle and I are suddenly finding ourselves swamped by the other elements of our lives; the things we do when we’re not snarking about literature.

So we’ll be on a break for a week or two.  Not completely gone, Michelle  has promised a superpost on theory and The Real Thing, while I will make good on that second Sabatini post.

In the mean time, relax, pick up Beowulf if you want, tell me why it’s good.  Check back for those updates, and we’ll be back to venting our spleens over the written word in no time.


One Response to “Hiatus!”

  1. Mallory Says:

    Boooooooo! Hurry back, literaristas.

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