Withering Bites

“‘Lucky Jim’ Goes to the Internet”

Reanimation! Ish. May 4, 2009

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So for those of you following us on twitter, you are perhaps confused.  I promised that there would be an entry on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by this week.

And hoo boy, can I not wait to write it.

However, it was brought to my attention by my esteemed cohort, that she has yet to read it.  So.  Mark your calendars kids, because the first Withering Bites post in months will be hitting your screen by midnight, Monday, May 25 (yes, Memorial Day), I will have my post on P&P&Z.  The following week, unless I edit this post, will be dedicated to Tom Jones, probably for the month of June.

I’m very excited, and I hope you are too.

Also, I’ve been reading Alphabet Juice by Roy Blount Jr.  It makes me feel like these two sketches: